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Hey there

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Hello ur name is cute r u sexy

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this is what my life has come to.

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Seximinerlover I will have sex with you 

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what that mouth do

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Anyone wanna have sex? Im a dude.

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Yeeah krass wow

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Idk if i should be aroused or disgusted... kids play this game m8... small kids with anger problems to be exact...

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mostly people 8-12 play the game and the . majority are 12 but thats not all of the people alot of them are 20+ (small kids with anger problems) very uneducated assumption

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Wtf Is This

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I am so fucking... wet

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Where do you live as in country we can fuck if r near


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But why tho

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What the hell is #10

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It's videogame porn for pubescent children. Dont think about it too much.

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everyday we stray further from gods light.

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