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This is fucked right up

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shut the fuck up you pussy ass bitch


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No swearing in this wholesome christian site

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And The Lord Said "Shut the fuck up pussy ass bitch"

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And Satan replied “Fuck You!”

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Pretty sure hild pronography is illegal.

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Pretty sure that's just a drawing

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Pretty sure nothing matters because I the end we all die,everything dies.

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h i l d

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Pretty sure "hild" pornography doesn't exist

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Wow. just wow

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Dog bunzzz

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Shut up no religious debate or quarrel let’s just spike some weed everyday

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they should make a story with the mom and her

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Hidden camera nice touch 

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"Fuck this shit this shit's wack fuck all y'all cunt fucks."

   - John 10:3

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I fucking love this comment section

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I love when the comment section is better then the comic

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Why are all the people defending the comic sound black


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Wtf Richard!!

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I cumed every where

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Ravioli Ravioli time to look at loli-oli

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This camera is strange, cause at 13 minutes it had all 4 charges, but at 30 mins it lost half of it's full charge, that means that every 15 mins it loses 1 charge, then it only had charge for 1 hour. The main question, how did the camera go for 2 hours?

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I don't even watch this shit and I feel like the FUN Finna shoot up the house right now

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