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A Devouts Reward



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So that just hapens? A succubus turns a random guy she has been visiting into another succubus? Thats more than a little freaky in my opinion...

I liked it, im a guy myself but i found it interesting. I actually hope the artist continues something like this it be nice to see where it goes, it reminds me of another comic on here called lust in latex and me and my gf both liked looking at that one together... can't wait to show her this one

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weird relationship

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so the guy basically lost his brain and turned into the lower gender

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fuck off women are better than guys and im a guy


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You r right

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm's picture

Something a girl would say

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Omg my pussy is so fucking wet right now 

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make a part 2 please

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There definetly needs to be a second part.

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Fucking hot

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