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A Few Less Titans



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This is a nicr comic, keep it up

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Let there be a good ending 




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Are you girl baby whts your name plese tell me

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I m a Girl and you? 

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dont talk to strangers 


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Are you from Albania ?

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I like the enthusiasm....


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Control Freak? Nasty man

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Dude dev where you find this shit its amazing

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Are you that lazy to not come up with a good ending 


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So anything with a bad ending is lazy?

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Did you say penis ilove penis penis!!!!!!! penis!!!!!!!!!! penis!!!!!!!!! penis!!!!!!!!!  penis!!!!!!!! PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can give you some penis.

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Wanna smash?

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LEMME smash

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How much do you live penis?

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this is MESSED UP.

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I agree entirely!!!!!!  with this entire thing he just KILLS THEM LIKE the BASTARD that he is.


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This is a bit.. disturbing.

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Raven got the worst treatment

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This is dark and really really bad you are very disturbing dude 

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...what the fuck

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You should make a part 2 where Control Freak makes the remaining Titans girls and tortures them

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i LoVeD tHe CoMiC

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Wtf this is disturbing

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This comic is disturbing

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the misssing text on pages 16, 17, and 18 is here, Devs, if you want to reupload.

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wtf p1 was going somewhere good andthen it suddenly drps off a cliff to hell with te collector murder shit

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Drawing is good. Story is stupid shit. No more to tell

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Person above and below me is an idiot and a forever virgin 

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I sure am, bitch

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