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Alfie Ch.10


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Yes ! after all this time !!!

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It’s finally here let’s gooooo!!!!!!

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Been waiting for this one


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I've only just found this, and I NEED MORE


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I'm the only one thinking in an Alfie-mother thingy?

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You admin put rock cocks on alfie might need to fix that

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Um I think you guys accidentally put the newest  rock cocks page in

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That has to suck for Marco, then again- seems like Lydia may be going for him now

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Can't wait for the next episode


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Well I can see that is for the sake of the story, but the gay scene are making the reading pretty hard. Other than is a nice story, similar to a classic one from the Middle Age!

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What are those characters? Mambo jambo or inspired by some old writing?


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Fingered my ass while reading this, good wank

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Fucking fag

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Anyone here from India?


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