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Alfie Ch.8



Average: 3.6 (10 votes)


Anonymous's picture

came for the porn stayed for the story. Really good characters, very likable.


pewdiepie's picture

ermmahgersh suh guud.

jacksepticeye's picture

Oh pewdiepie i didnt know you were on multporn.

Markiplier's picture

Can i join this sausage fest? (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

Anonymous's picture

The stories, characters, and the drawings...

It's almost an art

Anonymous's picture

I did come for the porn and now I can't leave cuz if the story

Ho Lee Shit's picture

Seriously, this needs to be in print.  Some of the best writing I've seen.


duRP's picture

If you removed the porn from this you could probably market it to a graphic novel publisher. ( not saying that you should . . . :)

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