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Beach City Drift: Second Stage


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Nope dont like this one


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sorry if i overthink this but....isnt stevonie supposed to have...welll.......both?

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neither did I 

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They failed to bring in the MAIN point of Stevonnie. It's sad really it has promise.

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Isn't Stevonnie two children in a fucking trenchcoat?

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No it's too children fused together

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Basically. • - •


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dis s far down da stupidiest, lamest, shittiest drawing evah

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The art is great but the story is illogical, stevonnie has both parts probably and isn't this technically pedophilia... I feel like Kevin knows this...


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The story still takes part in garnets "future vision" sight. So i guess anything goes there. Also WHERE IS THE GIRL PART???

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Sorry I dindo speak faggot, why don't you put the #gay in there so I can know to avoid it, good day

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how the fuck do y'all know stevonnie has both parts? where is your source? Nothing suggests this, and if anything , they can shapeshift.

Also , this is porn, who the hell cares about staying absolutely true to the lore you autists

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She's literally half male half female she either has both or neither and about that shapeshifting, Steven has not ever been seen able to make controlled shapeshifting on this level and lastly yes I know it's dumb that I'm disproving you, yes I get it's porn but it's porn that doesnt even have a coherent or logical story all the good porn has at least a basic story that makes sense in the context of the story except everybody is horny. This comic ignores all story writing elements and thinks it can get away with art style alone, it wastes multiple opportunities to increase the range of sexual imagery and fails not just as a comic but as a porn comic meant only for masturbation

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This is just GREAT.I love it

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I got my hopes up for a second that this would be Initial D

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