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Between Dimensions


An Unofficial Between Friends Spinoff

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Thats a cool idea

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To much meta. I like it tho.

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So meta

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This is terrible

A-W-E-S-O-M-E's picture

I hope the creator of between friend's supports ur idea

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She does, she mentioned it several times before

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Please keep goinggg...


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how often are these pags uploaded? not tryin to rush  or anything. im just curious.

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I love it do more!!!


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Dont stop it there plz. At least do a part two

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Don't worry, it's still unfinished. Update schedule is usually every 2 weeks.^^

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When do you upload new pages?

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End it please

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Wow. An actually unique concept. Good job.

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well that got meta

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Please finish.

End of sex is not end of story, grrrr

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The story was so good I almost forgot to fap

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