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Between Friends


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When more

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I highly dount this is the end, as it doesnt seem like a proper cliff hanger to be honest.

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they are coming out gradually its seem like one every week

Dick's picture

This is 118 pages, just stop

or start another part 2 

i have to skip  110 pages just to see 1 page updates


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let them keep going

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200 pages

Anonymous's picture

Why the fuck would there be ONLY 1 a week?   I have to wait so long before another comes out!

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Please make more than 1 a week goddamnit

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Plz finish

anthony's picture

Please finish

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Marvelous! Please finish :)

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Please finish

plz add more's picture

i really enjoy this comic and want to see another section and possibly another comic from you, please do more this is amazing!!

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boi when more i still have yet to find the full thing


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I think the reason its so good is because its so innocent, two kids obviously in love exploring their mind and body with each other.

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I agree, more or less, these kinds are the Best, just the Style of Art and how it goes together.

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Just cuz his name is Dan doesn't mean he's the youtuber DanTDM bruh.

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And just because he said Dan it doesn’t mean he MEANS the YouTuber, he could be talking about someone he actually KNOWS

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you sound cringe but ye


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Yes, but they're KIDS. They shouldn't be doing this shit yet bc they're only FIFTEEN.

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bruh, you gotta finish this fam. its too good to not finish.

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Star made marco put on thre comdom

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It's getting updated often, just come back after 2 months and you see some new pages.

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Please finish this amazing comic and make another one

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Never seen so much cock tease drag on in my whole life

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They are like 14 years old

scf vefq 's picture

they r both 18

hi's picture

they are both 14 in the the show, area might have aged them up for the comic, but i dont think she did

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nah, they are like 14. its obvious

Unknown's picture

Yea no way they’re 18

Bro's picture

They ar 15

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No, star is 15 in mewman years in the show, which may differ from earth years. And marco is 31 in the show currently due to his time jumping.

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Fcking weeb

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who are you?

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OMG this is so awesome keep up the good work man


Kill's picture

Marco made Marco use 4 condums star whante to make magic with a anti pregnantcy spell

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I conqur that any individual to partake in reading this online lewd, illegal magazine, albeit impressive, shall be subjugated to ten and more years behind rusty bars of a prison cell; moreover, twenty more years to one finding enjoyment from reading this inapproporiate, ILLEGAL comic. 


pedoMAN+18, aka the FBI

Wandering....'s picture

What is the "FBI" Doing in a Porn Website?

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There probably fucking loser who says there a Female Body Inspector aka F.B.I

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they're drawings, fictional characters, so fuck you you dipshit.

fff's picture

It's not illegal if its not real only when it shows real 14 or under aged people fucking is when it becoms illegal.  If you think this is illegal I want to see your reaction to the deep web I've seen some shit from that

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Your probably actually a fucking kid with no life trying to be someone so fuck off loser

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Same lol


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this isnt chuld porn this is animated .....if it was REAL children it would be cp but this is from an animates show.from the verro law offices ilthis isnt illegal but uou saying your the F.B.I is verrrrrrryyyyyyy illegal ......So to the dumbasses saying "this is child porn" stfu.

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Y'all do realize it was a joke right?


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