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Bird Hunting

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As much as I hate big tits, I love Xayah so it's a great comic!

What?!'s picture

How can you hate big tits?!

Xayah_My_Waifu's picture

Well, I'm a Lolicon so I prefer small tits.

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more plis

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I love it! I love your comics, strong bana!! Please, continue!

Random guy 's picture

Please continue I love that couple

Alpha's picture

Pls More! I love this Porno/Comic!! :D

Kayle's picture

Iam sad that there is no comic about me :c


Xayah's picture

Feel bad for you I have a great time with rakan today

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Counter thoted

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Its Xayah(Bird Girl) Rakan(Bird Guy) and Ahri(Fox Girl)

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