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Blue Diamond Waifu


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more please

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mlp porn is hotter than this lmfao

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We need more, please

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this is bad lmao

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thats because it is not number 1 waifu lapis

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That's a funny way to spell,  pink diamond. 

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I like this, it's hot but sweet

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awww the ending is cute

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This makes no sense cause blue is like 100 ft and diamonds can’t shrink so how the fuck did Steven get so fucking big

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steven can shape shift

What in the show indicates that the diamonds can't shrink? It would just be a form of shapeshifting, and in fact, the show has given a small amount of evidence that they can shapeshift, because Pink would have to shapeshift to match the size of the other diamonds when she is in public, also her mural looks nothing like her so it was probably based on her giant form.

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yeats after the events of steven universe just to let you all know

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Ha ha ha FOOLS

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SPOILERS: diamonds can shapeshift because pink diamond shapeshifted into rose quarts so they can in fact shrink (rose is smaller than pink diamond so yeah)


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So technically this is incest

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