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Breaking the Rules


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wow. Ok then 


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I came 10 times to this and i used my yu gi oh cards to bring this to real life and i did it with wanda,my mom almost caught me but she couldnt see wanda so i started to fuck my mom and she screamed and said rape i wonder what that means

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What the Fuck dose that even mean

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ur mom said rape cus u had sex with her without her consent


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I want to be fucked

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i can do this ;)

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i can help

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Best comics ever I tried these things on my mom and sister and it worked we fuck every night

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We also walk around the house naked all day everyday it's fun because we share showers sometimes

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Nibba you nasty


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serpentsofthelight's picture! I love this! Wanda looks amazing, along with the other characters featured in this comic. I'm so glad I found this!

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Unlimited wishes without rules? Count me in!

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Am I the only reasonable fucker in the comments lol?

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understandable have a bad day

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Needs more

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Anybody girl's with Instagram or sc nudes they wanna give out?  Lmao on ig @timmyitz


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