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Breaking the Rules 5


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What the hell my dude finish the comic before posting

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Yup..... Im here with dick in hand not knowing what to do. This is f*cking BS!

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He doesnt fucking own the comic dumb ass

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He owns the comics, he makes the comics, he posts the comics.

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nah dude the comic is made by croc 

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Whoever posts the comics here is not the guy who makes the comics. And the comics are made over a matter of months, so fuck off.

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Theres a  new one? Cant wait for more :)

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why do people post unfinished stuff


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They do because of cliffhangers or because of stupidity:^<

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Because it takes a long time to make the comments

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Ahh it's Menthol , i thought about synthol =) Penis-Bazooka (Russian joke)

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Ti che ebanutiy?

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if the quality keeeps goin to the roof then take your time XD


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Plz finish it


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Why did you stop when I was more interested? I hope you will finish it soon

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More please more

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U damn bitch finish it

Aye mr. Lil dick calm df down 's picture

stop compensating 

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Make more please 

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cmon man release the rest of it im waiting for you lol

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Sup guys, have a spare time to here about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ


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Its says ongoing for a reason


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Admin ! Updated Comics is available

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More please 

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Please let Vicky catch him and drain him out of consciousness...

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Free fucking resource, people are still complaining.

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i hope it either goes that she has a strapon or he is a futa

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Awesome one please make the next Simpsons one

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You're the best overall.

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Pls can u finish up then next one im so exited to see wht happens next

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Pls more of this 


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When is number 6 coming out

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Fucking finish it 

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Yeah it fucking is good hope he finishes it

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Pls dont stop, this is the funniest comic i have everythink read

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always remember that trixie is as old as timmy: 10

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Can u make more 


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Can you make more please 

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im jesse white and i aprove this comment


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God damn 

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make more 


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Fk hot, make more pls

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Can you do more please 

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Make more please 

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Can you make more please 

Anonymous's picture

Can you make more 

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end it fast pls

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Can you make more please 


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