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Corrupt Lapis



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Wohbigboy's picture

Woh good shit, especially like the little details you added

Duofreind's picture

I know right it rules


Nigger's picture

My six year old penis likely vewy much


Unknown Mouse's picture

Never again

Anonymous's picture

nigga what

Anonymous's picture

Leave now 

i love Garnet's booty <3's picture

This was awesome and i might want to see more of lapis or even better, garnet... but with this kind of graphic


nom's picture

i saw the jackie version (Star vs)

Anonymous's picture

Dane this is graphic how long did this person spend on this 

Cunt's picture

My 3 year old dick is slammed

M3RKMUS1C's picture

So short!

Ironic Name's picture

JL's stuff is good n'all, but it's just so repetitive.

Anonymous's picture

Lapiz can just escape by useing her water bending powers on the cum

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