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Crazy Insane Sex


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Early to my favorite comic artist also first baka hehe 

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You are the best artist please do some thing with a lesbian foot sex in it please please please 

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It's not his shit, this guy just posts it here.

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The title is something a 12 year old would search when he learns what porn is

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After analyzing the fifth page, I can definitely say without a doubt that Robin and Beastboy got fucked in the ass.

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The best part is when I see dead pool's giant cock at page 4, hmm makes me so wet

???'s picture

Talk more about that.

Disappointed 's picture

I have very disappointed that deadpool for once is not aware of where he is

​​in a freaking porn comic and his whole thing is he knows where he is

Steph's picture

Hmmmm I love dead pools giant dick

Anonymous's picture

I wish there was more Domino

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"It's not gay if you're blindfolded." xDDDD

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Take that Joker!

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