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Curiosity Chap.1

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is it good?

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I have seen you befor (-_-( but where hmmmm

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We need more

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Very nice story but much more will be nice

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delete this

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This should not be on this site...

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I’m an evil bastard and was laughing when I saw the end and knew what to expect BTW 2 bad comments yet 2 votes show what they really think of this comic 

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I've seen evil dude. Treat him with respect and he'll do the same to you.

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More please 

��️-0�� ��️-0�� 2 2.vcf's picture

I dERRORont Evn KnOw whERRORy iM heRE

but tHis neERROReds tO diE

-ERROR sans

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When will this be updated

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Please more we are waiting very long fore the next few pages.

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Amazing need a part2

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Need a part one

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Fuck me daddy 

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