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Daddy Daughter



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God damn, what the hell

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If you read this you're a pedophile. Anything new there?

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but to post this comment you most likely read it

unknown 's picture

Whaaaat this is just no but the girls cute but this is just wrong 

Thesunra36 's picture

Oh come on she cried for 10 minutes that's enough for anyone to let their baby girl give them head

Pedophile's picture

Why are you guys complaining? There is nothing wrong with this....

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Username checks out

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She is very cute but the dad is why nude nonstop

Its relly cool make more

vöry hun's picture

She is very cute ^^ but the dad is why nude nonstop?

And put to the girl da fuck

Its relly cool make more

Anonymous's picture

Really tho that was one of the wirdest things about this comic

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if she was older id smash

..'s picture

Why are the FBI here?

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I' sure I'm on some government watch list niw

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To anyone about to read this comic, Death would be a preferable option. Cause honestly I want to die and wish I nevcould r saw what I saw today

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why the fuck are there sirens lol

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Hey what's that knocking on my door and why are there sirens around my house. Must be Christmas or something cuz I see flashing lights.








oh shit

F​​​​​​B​​​​​I OPEN U​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​P

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