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its end ?

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Pls finish!!!?

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It's still on-going.

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I can't wait

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it's pretty good

came for the porn stayed for the story

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Yeah the porn and the plot is really good

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this is really good, I hope that it keeps going 

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01000011 01010101 01001101 00100001 is binary for "Cum!"

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Is there a tv show of this without the porn? If you know what I mean by that.

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I hope so, it would be so good

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Oh snap! OH SNIZZITY SNAP!!! Jamie and Jameson are... separated somehow? As Jamie says they are both a part of themselves, if that makes sense. My point is that some weird shit happened!

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yay, im not the only one here that watches markiplier. good reference btw

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I'm I the only one here for the story no the porn?

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Split the story in seperate stories, so we dont have to scroll that much

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Page 228 is so sweet. Now Lisa can be with her man.

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Love this, it's so good. Please split into multiple parts as scrolling that far is very annoying. Thanks, keep up the great work.

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