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It needs more

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I want to see the show on TV.

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Its a movie not a show, and I don't think they will make it a show.

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hes talking about the animal planet one

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Pls make more , your comics are the best

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My name is jeff

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Lol his dick is stuck cause he go a knot

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They had asdf 10 reference

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I would like a part 2 showing them trying to get unstuck also beep beep ima sheep

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Fursona satisfied

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You all need a fucking life


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Why are you reading then 








P.s i wont respond probably

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Ma god what is people doing I helped you out with this planet and all you do is this 

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Lick my clit

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Best of the best

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Beep Beep Im a Sheep. -Sheep betting fucked

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