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DokiDoki Moffles: A Fruitful Quest

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Do you mean that in a bad way or a good way?

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I love it

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This was looking so good but then I realized he's a boy

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Just don't look at the dick

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Why ia he boy!? am i gay now!?

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look m8 I'm strait and all but when it comes to porn or IRL relationships it doesn't really matter to me if it's gay and when it comes to porn as long as there is a thicc ass and a big dick I call it good. Plus from what I can tell there isn't 1 frame in this whole thing so far that shows a dick on that thicc ass with the closest thing so far being the lack of a pussy on them.

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Just... Don't think about it too much.

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Besides does it even matter if it's a he if they thicc and you can't really tell on first glance

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If you don't see a dick it's not gay....

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Love the art style. I would love to see this as a video or animation

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Not surprisingly all of us who beat our meat like six times to this want to know if they’re gay, 

while technically yes, I don’t care, this shits hot.

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Wow, this art has no deal being so good.

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Are they all dudes

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Nice ass and no dick not gay to me

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I Love It Bro

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traps aren't gay

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I see you're a man of culture

*triggered* Fuck yes they are. Don't even start this shit. *reflects* Not like it's a bad thing to be gae.

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I didnt read this now I must bleach my meat


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Golden gaytime

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Kay, well I accept my gayness

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It's amazing how this comic is one of the few comics that will actually change people and how they think if you just fap to it with out reading anything then go back, read it all, and realize that it is gay but most are just fine with it. This here is how you TRUELY change the world.

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holy shit this is werid (is that mean or no) 

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nigga i need more :3 daddy ;)

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God damn thats hot even if it is a little gay

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Same guy replying and you know what I'll be the first to admit that this was a bit better with waffles being a dude it adds a sort of forced aspect even more than preveilsly with consent at the end it also adds more embrace ment adding to the forced aspect...



... Or I'm just the big gay


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more daddy

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I don't see a dick


i did... that little round thing in between his legs when it started buttraping him.

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Its a little gay but when you think about it everyone is a little gay like most of the people here nutted but that's ok I think

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