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Extra Thicc


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So thicc

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No it's not Thicc.. It's


Aku: Extra Thicc!!!

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the thicc is over 9000!!!!...

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9000???!!! That's Impossible . How can it be3 so..



Damn's picture

T H I C C as Fuck!

Anonymous's picture

THICCCCCCC'er than Blood!

THICCCCCCC'er than Peanut Butter!

THICCCCCCC'er than Wet Concrete!



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This is the best thing I have ever seen. Died laughing.

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Aku approves this!

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Aku: I'm Aku, I endorse this message, cause it's THICCCCCC!

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THICCER than oatmeal

Anonymous's picture

THICCER Than Wet Concrete!

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Now all you need is comic starring Kylo Ren: EXXXTRA THICCCCCC 

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Aku ordered a pizza not a porno but meh works too

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To get back to the ass its gonna take a montage.

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