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Flash! The First Step!!



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Xerxes 's picture

Do a part 2

Anonymous's picture

Loved it, please do part 2

Rambo 's picture

So hot! 

Anonymous's picture

First time with futa honestly liked it tho

Anonymous's picture

Dammit I hate it when a comics is just so damn cute or interesting that you can’t fap anymore and just want to read it! (Actually don’t have it)

Ran's picture

I know right

NIncotic's picture

its soooo anoying!! (but we all love it)

kaide 's picture

please make a anothere one please


no fap zone's picture

Way to cute to fap to

King Kong 's picture

Pleas more


Kasey's picture

Super cute!! Made me wet


Anonymous's picture

I love happy endings

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