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Gravity Fallen


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hi's picture

is that micheal from vsauce?

bking's picture

thats docter vecher from the vencher brothers


My Name Jeff's picture

One can only hope

doctor cockter's picture

looks like it

Anonymous's picture

Exactly what I was thinking


VentureBros's picture

Rusty Venture?

Poop's picture

How in the hell Wendy has dippers hat did u guys see that


Anonymous's picture

You obviously have not watched wierdmagedon

Memz's picture

Hey vsauce micheal hear


Anonymous's picture

Why is vsauce in it !


Memes's picture

Hey guys Vscause here I’m gunna fuck wendey today! For science

Aids In a Can's picture

Is that TheOneNeedleDrop?

Mr.GoFuckYourSelf's picture

who will micheal fuck next?

Micheal's picture

Hey Vsauce, Micheal here! Do your fingers really taste like tide pods? 

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Anonymous's picture

Did Wendy give him the Rusty Venture?

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