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Harley Quinn Superslut




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Look, I'm no bio major, but I'm pretty sure that's not how intestines work. 

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Nigga it’s a porn comic just bust yo nut or get out

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shut the fuck up nigger


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Shut up cracker

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My hero

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Lotta weeb shit is my god

...'s picture

No insides hmm...

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That's a spicy meatball


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Momma mia

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Nice and hot like i like it bitch


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Best shit I've read ever and everyone loves porn comics where the female gets ruined and fucked to the point were there getting there brains fucked right outta them really great work I wish there was a series a ongoing series at that

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sick comic cummed all over the screen


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Harley Quinn is so hot 

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Despit the fact that the digestive system is just a long tube it's pretty good.


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pretty sure she is getting fucked by killer croc

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Yep she did

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Solomon grundy is more likely since it's grey

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This comment section is fucked

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Just like harley! *bah dum tiss*

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That Killer crock dick be up in her throat!

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My older sister dressed up as harley this halloween

Huh, drove me to fuck my younger sister and her all night

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