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Jaws of a Butterfly


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I Love your art style, please continue :D

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please continue fast as you can

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love your art style also thats sad


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The song he's listening to is Das EFX - They Want EFX ‌‌ - Bohemia After Dark

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Is no one else finding this a bit sad?

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I do, such a cute but sad girl and she gehts used by some asshole. I came here to fap and not to cry

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Yeah...but you gotta admit, the art style IS beyond decent.

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does that count as incest just asking's picture

im lost

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We need some Anal in it

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Soooo gooood bbbuuuuttt sssoooooo sssaaaaadddd

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just want her to bite down while she’s blowing him

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SirJimmyDukeOf you need to realize that if she did that he would spread extremely bad rumors about her he is one of the popular kids. Also it looks to me that if he did that she would comment suicide. She looks like she's already depressed in this flash back/forward. 

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this makes me want to SUCC my own dick

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Beautiful art work and keep up the good work and plz make more


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