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Continue fast

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continue please fast


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This has a big potential

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Please continue this comic 

I like your stile

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is this dutch? 'zwarte piet' is dutch

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i love this comic and i want more 



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About time sumone made a Miraculous Ladybug comic but the art style isnt bad for the first one

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Same dude same 


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plase more i like it so far

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Interesting, Marinette mom Has got Purple, fiolet, pink, yellow Eye. How? 

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Contiune this comic

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please go still is a top comic

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Continue please


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Continue this comic

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This comic is amazing. 

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This is the only ladybug comic I've ever seen. Keep it up!

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I want to see how it goes on.

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Hurry up

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Come on hurry the fuck up

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 I love these comic, please continue 

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Why are he or she need so long?
It's over to months, that the comic was online.

pls continou thats the first miracolous porn comic's picture


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Why hasnt this updateed?


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Not going to lie I hate how the mom wants to fuck Adrien and how she talks shit about her daughter but I do like the comic though

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Please update.

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Please update the only Miraculous Ladybug comic I've ever seen.

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nice meme ya cunt 

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sure why not 

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Update it... faster... plz

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Please make more i've been waiting so long for some more

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i hate fucking life mate and i wish for the taste of death everynght before i go to sleep oh and also this comic is not done dont become lie Ea

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Please continue this! The art is amazing, it has great potential! 

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