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Well played stitch well played

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OK that ruined one of my childhood favorite movies

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Read my name

everyone that has a chilhood's picture

ooh i promise i will

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I hate Mexicans and Black People

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And everyone you

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Bitch well played well played I hate white peple "TRUMP"

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I came so hard i screamed 


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I like pussy and butt and dik in my butt and more pussi


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Does this count as child porn?



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I think so

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Nope maybe the creator can tell us if LILO is 18 or something but it’s a comic so even if it’s child porn it’s make believe 

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There is no god

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To jail with i

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Does anyone have any eye bleach? No? Well, i guess im scarred for life.


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Is this allowed

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Why stitch dick chances color?

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