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Lewd Titans! Go!


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i love it when ther's a raven starfire comic

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Is that what you call a sperm whale? XD

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Are you using a template or a base for these comics? Because most of the characters look very similar to each other. Example Star in this one and the girl (I forgot her name srry) in Elsa's Dungeon 2. It will be nice if you answered me.

Thank You

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these comics are made by sinner comics, so its normal that some drawnings looks very similar.


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They're made by the same person,Ofc they'd look similar,It's his art style lol.

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i hope someone is going to make a terra comic ;)

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fuck yeah

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Didnt really care for the arm in the guys ass but the rest awesome 

I created an accound just to say this is pretty good even for your standards

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This shit good but it’s to fucking dark

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Are you gonna make us fuck an entire zoo?

Why not?

(Turns in a girrafe)

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