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Minecraft 3


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oh thats nice

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Why does everything want to Fuck this Bitch AND why is she the only thing that looks human?

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i love the happy ends

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It is not a happy ending she got fucked by every hostile mob and a dog and Steve so :-\ 

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I got some action too.

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I want to have sex


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I would have sex with u if u lived in naas Ireland 


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I'd fuck you in your ass.


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dont we all


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from the faaces she made and body language i am going to assume she enjoyed it which means it was a happy ending

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Ilove it too

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This made me fuck my wife bruh

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That derp face tho

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Omg she has the rinnegan 

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 Had she not get pregnant from the other moms but she got pregnant from Steve 

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People and animals can only get pregnant by the same kind of DNA. So if a boy cums in a dog it doesn't get pregnant.

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Fun fact humans can not get pregnant with other species such as dogs, cats, etc a lil knowladge.

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Hey I've the whole story,and...IT WAS GREAT!!!

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I'm just a kid who was dared to read all th comics and now I'm going to have regrets every time I look at my search history.

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Use incognito or clear your search history bruh

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hey this is.... ABSOLUTE FUCKING BULLSHIT FOR NIGGERS I’m a kid about 10

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Loooove it! 

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Nice Ending XD

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What the fuck xD hahahahahahahaha

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Yeah I fucked that bitch raw.

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This made me fuck my wife

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Well we know she could have killed everything since she has the rinnegan


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gOoD sHiT

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Wtf with everybody

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*moaning in the distance*

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That's how kids herobrine was born and if u wanna suck my dick come naas Ireland 


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The fuck are these comments I could probably use them for a stand up comedian act


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Somebody send me some nude 812 604 7045

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