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Movie Night - Undertale




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Can u continue making these pls 

lil' Undertale fangirl's picture

Yea!! Post another!!

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best one pls contine luv it so much

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This is so good please continue 

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end my life

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tf man isnt this pedophilia?

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actually necro-philia because necromancers make skeletons come alive and sans is a skeleton sooo... yeah...

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Frans is always pedophilic, even if they sge Frisk up then Sans would still be too old because he'd age as well

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Nope, sans wouldn't age, monsters only age when they have children who are alive. 

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nope, not pedophilia at all. Sans even says "Years ago, when you were a kid". I like this one. I wonder if it was finished elsewhere?

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So that's why they call it a bone-r

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hahahahhahahhahahaha i get it bro

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How pun-y I love the joke

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How pun-y 

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Create more plz, this is amazing

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best comic ever, keep up the great work man :P

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Love it, wish you did more to do the second time they did it.

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i need more of my senpai sansy, so plz do a second one. i love them.

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That (mmmm) felt s-so good

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Yeah (Hmmmm) let's do that again but don't let papy know

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lord sans u really did a # on old THICC frisky style huh

treasure's picture

Help sticky white pee 

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Why did I fap to this

Your brain's picture

Because you enjoy pleasuring yourself you sick bastard

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I loved it! Pls do more I wanna cum over and over on thi~~~s...

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Holy fuck girl version of me is hot!

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This made me cum so much ;-;

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isnt frisk a child???!!!

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you can dance into the future!

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Lol the ending

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frisk what about asriel?

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Why are his slippers green on the cover?

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Gotta say, not usually a fan of sans in porn, but this Is pretty good

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Yea I agree

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When a skeleton have d**k

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Thaitsgud insta send me

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Best undertale comic I've seen yet

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Is it odd that after I made it to my limit that I started to read It like a normal person? I mean I never really do read it lol.


also great work I'd love to see more

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Sans! You lazybones! While I sleep, you make white sticky pee with the Human? I want this Pee to! I make A White Pee Pasta! NYEH HEH HEH HEH

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I’m going to die from seeing sans cum twice !!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! Gets a heavy nosebleed* damn u brain take the sexiness and survive!!!!!!

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Why did i NUT so fucking hard?

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i need some with Undyne and frisk


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