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Movie Night - Steaven Universe

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Why don't people keep the proportions of the actual characters?

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Because in the show they have no proportions. The animaters fail at their job at being animators and have no concept of character proportions.


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Ya, actually they chose to skip set sizes when making the show so that they would have an easier time doing it and have the capacity for more beautiful shots when playing with scale. honestly, trippy proportions go back to the original animation, so don't rip on them

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Well mabe being two god dam picky what they put on and the ones that whant more of the show theaten the peaple who Mack it happen quiet because you guys are saying  do more you can't pull good shows out of your ass and you can't say you can do beater cause if you can why ant you mackjng a show huh look I don't wanna say you are the blame I'm saying complaining  and theat about it won't  mack them get inspired just cause you toad them we are all human stop acting like your and everyone is above it all 

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are you kidding me?

you dont know jhow to spell make...

mack* you mean make






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Like what you dribbled out made anymore sense.


Also it's how*


Also you didn't capitalize any words so good job

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>corrects a dumb cunt on the internet

>IS a dumb cunt on the internet

Sorry, I mean cun't

Honestly, Faggot, in what universe is it 'cant' and not 'can't' lmao

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Fellas, fellas! Calm down, we're all here to fap so no need to get mad at each other like this is the other half of the internet.

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Well this is ok

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 Who's idea was it to give Lapis small boobs? Perodot is the one withpoor cleveage.

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