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make a comic with The blonde girl with the glasses


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You dont even know the show and yet your watching porn of it

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I love this show even though I'm 16

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Me too!!

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In this is 18+ you can't be here

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Who the fuck care if it says "18+"? im not going to fucking have 18 or more poeple look at this with me.

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thats not what does 18+ mean... 

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... i really wanted that name earlier when i saw a dude named fitz... brother

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You don’t need to know the show in order to watch porn of it retard

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Oh my God what happened here and what is next for go out house crossovers where they have sex with other cartoon characters like the PAW Patrol or Inspector Gadget maybe be revealed that there's comic and if you read it then you're filled with uncontrollable urge to have sex and rape people Clyde gets the  comic Lincoln and Clyde Read it and are filled with desire to have sex and rape everyone they know

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I'm fucking lovin it!!!!
*MC.Donald's refference*

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i see you in every comic, have any you can suggest to me, im running low on comix

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Check out Doxy he's pretty good

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NAH really? No way

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enjoy the kids lincoln

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At page 11 Well he's fucked, both the good and bad kind.

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Sex is failure and failure is not an option

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So by your logic sex is not an option? 


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I'm fucking 9 and watch sex and use these comics

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Nice,sexy,im eleven,wanna masturbate together?

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The fuck

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Same and I am a girl


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Fuk now

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dood I’m a fucking fetus in a whom, lets do it dood

(don’t ask how the fetus got a phone or you’ll ruin the joke)

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Is it posible for a 6 year old girl to be pregnant

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Is pasible to 6 years old to be pregnant and that's why the parents never show the children a porn 

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Lincoln loud is this a thing with you now when I run to the house naked and Proclaim him hi I'm Lincoln loud when I have sex with me I don't care if you're my sisters i will get you pregnant just like I did to Ronnie Anne Rita and all 10 of my sisters including Lily it's a good thing in these cases the parents are never around to punch the kids after the fact because then Lincoln would be super ultra Mega grounded and he be in very big trouble

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No in little life you cannot get a 6 year olds pregnant that does not mean that you should have sex with six year olds

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its possible for a one year old to get pregnant so yes 

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What did I just beat my meat to. “Everyday we walk further from gods light”

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Man god can take a seat on this one because that was fucking HOT!!!

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I'm pretty sure that lucy,lana, and lola are too young too actually get pregnant. Also this comic is supposed to make us believe that of the 7 girls that actually have their period none were on it

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At first, I was disappointed by the fact that there was only 9 sister. But after I remembered who wasn't included, I was fucking relieved.

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These comments tell me that whoevers reading these are about the same age as the actual characters of the show. 

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Whoever watches this show is under 18 by default, lmao.

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Thanks I think that having sex with your sisters is wrong to it's it's against the the Bible and gays and lesbians are against the story of creation

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Fuck the Bible 


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I tried to drink my own semen once

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first of all thats disturbing secondd of all thank god the baby sister wasnt inculded and third of all whats a porn? its pronounced a porn comic

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Well I think when Lincoln was masturbating in the bathroom he was actually having sex with Lily and jumped all over for his joke sister her as toto cover up having sex with baby sister maybe go do a sequel to this words revealed that Lincoln sound only had sex with his mom but all of his 11 sisters and Ronnie and had a big party to celebrate with Clyde 

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who said they’re nine and watching porn? That sounded fucking dope fucking rebel 

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What  are saying that Lincoln loud is gay well if he is gay then why is he not having sex with men sure you cansure you can say that because he knows Lynn Jr is transgender  but maybe Lynn Jr is not a transgender man and is really a woman 

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Dont know whats funnier PornHub comments or these lmao

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Well these of course


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