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Precious Love


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Yay religious sinning on a atheist website

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sin for the win

Tnel's picture

Sir, this is a christian website!

shit cunt's picture

Yeah you know fapping is extreamly cristian man... You are so smart......


...dum ass

look at this idiot

he's never heard of irony before

what a fucking idiot

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Denier's picture

Take your religion else where

Anonymous's picture

Isn’t this a Christian website. Also I did look st all this fucking shit got it!

TeamWinners's picture

I just love the way its made, pls make more its so good. Its just perfect

maska's picture

"life is strange" in section pls

Somedude's picture

Continue ps i tried but kate died

Misha russian's picture

I hate lesbians

Owl's picture

They probably hate you too

Meh...'s picture
Hey Misha go get a fucking life you useless fuckbag because 's picture

Fuck you you heartless shit

Detrix's picture

Then don't look at it 


Anonymous's picture

Then why the fuck you here 

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Ever got a boner and tears in your eyes at the same time before? I have now.


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this is a great comic and please continue it with sex


Captain jack sparrow's picture

Where's the rest of it.

Anonymous's picture

The comic is not finished so you will have to wait.

Mario 's picture

Was that a Sao reference


Noodles's picture

Where at?

The fuck's picture

Why is it so slow in the making 

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Why y'all niggas fapping to this when big nigga has cancer?

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On page 23 max says "so cute" while looking up, however she is taller so she can be looking at kate as she would have to look down to see her unless kate is wearing moon shoes but very unlikley, so who was she looking at?! WHO WAS SHE LOOKING AT GOD DAMN IT

Anonymous's picture

If you look at page 21 the girls are tje same height, & on page 23 Max's head is tilled downward

but why's picture

who the heckin fuck doesnt like lesbian porn?

But why am I 's picture

pls continue the comic Kate is so adorable


No's picture

Lesbians are dumb 

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Well atleast you share something in common with your opinion.

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Isn’t this a Christian website fuck this shit.

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i like them titties going on it together all inocent and cute 

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Cute, beautiful and stayed for the story

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When is going to be the next update 

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