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Star Vs. the board game of lust

Average: 3.8 (32 votes)


your-EVERYDAY-thief's picture

is this ongoing becouse i want to see the rest of it 

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i know right?

...'s picture

What the FUCK

ken kaneki 's picture

wow what the fuck

Anonymous's picture

It was good I guess but the art style is just. So. Cringey!

anon. y. moose's picture

When more?


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No's picture

The art style keeps changing does it not?

Long-John Style's picture

Five out of Ten, also pick one "Good" art style and stick with it.

Mean bog's picture

This comic has been at the same page for a year the animators dead or left the comic 

Anonymous's picture

When will it be finished

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I hate being blue balled


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Poor star

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