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Steven Universe WIP


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Really good! Keep going!

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That was f*cking cute!

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Aaayy i see what you did there


Anonymous's picture

Did wut?

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more please

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As far as porn comics (and comics in general) go, this is one of, if not the best I have ever had the pleasure (interpret that however you wish) of reading

Harry's picture

for once we agree

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you should take a look at the "Between Friends" one

Zack's picture

YESS It is a really great comment and I’ve read it multiple times after watching he show. I really want them to fall in love it’s soooo annoying. 

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i litteraly couldn't NUT to it 

it's so cute and good to read

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Why does it end

Anonymous's picture

Loved it please make more

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That was Beautiful!  Absolutely beautiful.  Tender, loving, and beautiful!

Anonymous's picture

first of all...consent is sexy as hell. They took their time and gee the art style... I love everything about it.

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OMG this is so good!!!

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Can you color it plz it would be soooo cool to see it in color

dos's picture

the people have spoken

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I love how the focus is on the intimacy, and not on the empty promiscious stuff. Very nice depiction of consent. This is a beautiful comic, really, even if it's about what it's about.

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This comic is literally the best comic i have ever read, nsfw and sfw

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Part 2?

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motherfucker this is the most cute and inocent comic ever 

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Part 2?


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do fucking more already 

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God damnit i came here to jack off not read a beautiful story about love!!!!


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I came here to jack off, but as the comic progressed, I was just smiling and really feeling the characters. This comic is exactly how you should write a romantic sex love story.

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