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Stranded Desires



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Plz don't's picture

No. Just no. Even though rule 35 existing this shouldn't.

Why's picture

why not 

UltraFaggotSupreme's picture

Why the hell Not?

alexREVOLUTION's picture

I love this. Make more comics of pidge

ThatGuy's picture

oh please, you clicked it don't act disgusted. 

You don't need to know 's picture

I really don't like this because of how much they lolified her with small tits so yeah no just no

STICKYICKY's picture

She has small tits!

Anonymous's picture

Flat women exist and even stranger than that there are people who think there hot.

Supprised? ... must be your firsr time jacking off with the internet. In that case avoid ploping

Fan boy's picture

in the show she is a he XD

alexREVOLUTION's picture

In the show pidge is actually a girl, she said it in season 1

Jaroslove's picture

If you were grown in a society which made you think that 18- love is wrong,then thats's your problem. People call men like me sick,not even trying to understand young beauty. This mustn't be forbidden at all.

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