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Super Sons 1


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Finally supersons hahaha ive been looking and all i can see was the milftoon talia al ghul and damien

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i need more of this in my life

Joshua Gerney's picture

That was weird.

srly sons fucking there Mom.

Incest god's picture

Then why are you here if you dont like it?

Joshua Gerney's picture

Oh Shut Up

Incest God's picture

Your still here i thaught you hated this

Anonymous's picture

Well yeah I hate it but whatever 

Why do you care anyway 

Steven 's picture

Talia would never say I love you son

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fake's picture

I like it in comics but I don't think any one want to fuck his mother


Incest God's picture

I know.. i also like the fantasy version i dont like the real one but ifits roleplayi guess its good

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could you please get chapter two up here as it has officially released on the creators patreon!!!!

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