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The Amazing World of Nicole - Biology Lesson


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CUnt's picture

This is why jesus wont come back

Pervert1998's picture

He wil


Hehehhehe's picture

Hehhehwhw I want some pussy

fat CUnt's picture

brother is that you...

mega fat cunt's picture

brother its you!

Fat cunt Jr.'s picture

The gang's all here!

Grandfather Cunt's picture

We are reunited in the weirdest way possible. On a porn site.

Grandmother cunt's picture

Thats how we met :)

Great-Grandson Cunt's picture

That's whyour Mother Cunt never told us about how you and Granddad met

Great uncle cunt's picture

Fuck, did I miss the reunion again? You kids never call me to let me know.

Charles G. Cuntington's picture

Hey cousin, long time no see!

British uncle cunt's picture

oi oi mate long time no see!

Dude if your on this web site you shouldnt be saying shit's picture

Fuck outta here with your bullshit boner killing comments. If your here your here to fap. No one enters a web site named MULTPORN.NET for no reason if you wont stfu then at least gtfa and let us fap in peace.

the sult clone trooper's picture

yo the guy al theway don makes a good ponit let us fap in peace

420BlazeIt's picture

jesus is always watching

Anonymous's picture

yeah, that perv is a well known voyeur

Jesus's picture

men this is awesome, i should probably come to earth earlier ..

God's picture

Not Today Son

Jesus's picture

Cmon please

Zeus's picture

Listen to your farther

Anonymous's picture

hi my name is ethan mivvle and i like to watch these types of porns comics and ui like undertale porn lol

God 's picture

Go to hell failure of a human being

Mary's picture

Jesus, I can't believe u did that! How ar u suppose to save humanity if u continue masturbating on their stupid shitty drawings?!

Satan's picture

Why is everyone's argu... Holy shit wtf is that

Lucifer's picture

Seriously the humans need to stop this

Gumball's picture

It's just me and my mom

Nicole's picture


Nichole's picture

Gumball why did you post this on the internet

Gumball's picture

Sorry Mom

Anais's picture

What the fuck gumball and mom I want in 2.

richarad's picture

dont froget about me and my fat dick...i want in too! im tried of faping to anime

White trash's picture

Plz make more sexy ass of nicole and anias

XXXyeeXXX's picture

Gumball, can I borrow ur mum?


gumball's picture

no my mom is mine and she isnt tight anymore so ha

Fucking hell's picture

These comments man

Spongebob's picture

I feel so out of place

Patrick Star's picture

Your not alone buddy.

Mr Krabs's picture

SPONGEBOB! You are meant to be cooking patty's, there is money to be made and customers to be served i have to cook pearls patty's if you know what i mean agagagagagah

Squidward's picture

I hate all of you

Sandy Cheeks 's picture

Hey Spongebob put your sponge cock in my furry pussy

Random person's picture

Dafuq these comments

Mickey Mouse's picture


Minnie mouse 's picture

Fuck me mickey

Taste my delicious pussy

Kermit The Frog's picture

Fuck this shit I'm out!

usai from yougioh 5ds's picture

Hey its usai im cooler than all of u 

ALF's picture

Since charecters from TV are commenting on this weird ass comic, I thought I might as well join the party



Castiel's picture

God why are you watching this Dean and Sammy could find this

Crowley 's picture

Well I find it pleasing and i think I am going to show it to the moose and the squirrel

Harry potter's picture

I'm also here, but this is kinda weird

Hermione Granger's picture

Don't tell Ron I  am here...


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