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The Dark House


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Need more!

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I agree

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Dude this is really good! Keep going.

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The major red flag is the fact much gave a teethy smile

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Yeah probably

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its amzing but when did lincon go goth

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He looks more like an emo than, goth

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It needs More.

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You anger the moose gods my good sir 

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thats realy fking good keep going


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Can i get a BigMac

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I'll have 2 #9's, a #9 large, a #6 w/ extra dip, a #7, 2 #45's, 1 with cheese, and a large soda

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This is beautiful wanted porn now I want romance old whoever made this is spectacular

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Bleedman did not make this.

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woahhh we have to log in now?

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Fuck wrong color. Anyway im interested in this comic. Please finish.

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This is really good but if cut the last page but it could go for 15+ 

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9and you got fucked


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"When did lucy stop being goth? ._.

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I'm going to be honest I love the art style and the dialogue is ok good concept too 

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