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The loud house comic, chapter 2


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I need more!! D:

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Who else fapped to this


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is chapter 3 already avaiable?

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i dont think so bro


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Am I proud of reading this? No.

Do I want to read more? You bet your ass I do.

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Literally feel the same way

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Amazing, it trully is. This comic made me love Luan so much (shit why isnt she real :( i wanna be with her) and Loud House in general. Cant wait for Chapter 3 <3

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Where is Chapter 1 at.

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U can look it up in Hentaicomics or sth like that, its pretty dark as well i love it!

Sorry, but The loud house comic, chapter 2 is not porn comic

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I can't wait to see more if this. I'm genuinely interested in this. But sincerely for the story.

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I really shouldn't had laughed at this, but most of this was kinda just hilarious! Epecially with Leni towards the end!

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Fuck the administrator, I want to read the first chapter and the next one.

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I NEED CHAP. #3 please please please make a #3

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Chapter 3???

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Get that gray little 8 year old sex wanting bitxh outta here.

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Any more stories like this I want more 

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Y are the cops there?


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Y are the cops there?


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Well Luan DID kill Ronnie anne. Her family problably reported her dissapearance. I think they're there to ask the loud family if they've seen her.

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chapt 3??? jesus never expected this to be so interesting

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You and me both Luan. I don't like going to MY therapist appointments either. XD

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"I...I...I don't think I can help myself" Oh my those lips! There's she goes again. I guess she can't control her female hormones. She sees a guy she likes she tells him point blank straight up and pounces on him. (In previous comic chapter 1 too.). Who knew Lucy had so much...WOMAN in her?

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Not a good idea to have kids with your brother, Lucy. Inbreded kids usually come out all deformed and wrong. I strongly suggest adopting.

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Why were there officers wait O: child porn? How old is Lincoln sry loud house fans I don't watch that show ): but what age is Lucy or Lincoln or damn it I forgot her name the one that doesn't show her eyes and has black hair so one chat to me this I need to know!! This is comic is AMAZING (spooky jelly yum)

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Btw ZparityTheMejestic I agree with ya :D

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Wheres chapter 4 and the continue of chapter 3

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Lucy is so cute i love her, her hair is so cute and her eyes are sexy

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The FBI should be knocking this door any min now

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