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The Sleepover

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wouldn't mind having my joystick break in this situation

mike's picture

who would?   BALD and TIGHT


Pajeet2020's picture

Thanks i cum pants

KyleTheKiller's picture

yeah I need more of this commic soon

Anonymous's picture

Holy shit my pussy is hard 

Anonymous's picture

We should talk

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Idk 's picture

I can make you wet as hell babby

Anonymous's picture

You are retarded 

Midnight 's picture


could thp

Fat cock's picture

If you are a girl and have a hard pussy then we should meet i will stick a cook so gard down into you will cum extremely fast

lozzer sqaud 14 's picture


Lil's picture

This Got Me So Hard I Had A Wet Puss All Day

Anonymous's picture

Hey wet girl wanna get down

Anonymous's picture

Email me at wet girl

Bobby 's picture

I can make yhu wet for 2 days 

Lil broham's picture

Are you really a girl?

Hunkeymonkey69's picture

Omg this got me so hard I came fast

Anonymous's picture

Same it made my cock turn hard in a matter of seconds and I came for a long time and quick

Yummy's picture

Cant wait for some more really nice job at it

Fuckuall's picture

Kys all of you cunts this is fucking  Ratjed. But too ulcer yyyyu

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Anonymous's picture

At least it's not incest.

uhhh's picture

incest is good

Anonymous's picture

All right southerner

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That's picture

If it's a black and white TV why there color

Annonymous's picture

Are you going to contunue this?

Flagg1991's picture

I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, why don't you have a seat?

Anonymous's picture

this shit is the closest thing you can get to child porn on the surface web

Anonymous's picture

if yall want the some nice cheese pizza, just go on the deepweb and look for the "lol" section

Justice stops for no one's picture

You people make me sick. You think that child pornogrophy is a turn on? 

Your next line is...'s picture

It can be if you’re underage too

uhhh's picture

Then why are you on here, fucktard.

david's picture

 my kids will not hear this 

???'s picture

Can you finish this comic...i like to see it till the end...

Mocha's picture

The rest of it is on the loud booru

???'s picture

Can you finish this comic...i like to see it till the end...

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Wtf's picture

The fuck bruh, he said my pussy is hard, never reading comments again 

PERV KING's picture

I dought this will ever be finished sadly 

Ur mum gay's picture

Get to the fucking

dog dick licker's picture

i licked my dogs dick

No reason's picture

Are you gay or nahhhhh?!?!?

nico 's picture

Yo lol under aged kids be watching

Tod Graymoon's picture

Please update.

Anonymous's picture

nice meme

Anonymous's picture

Keep going we are gettng some where

Anonymous's picture

chicken butt


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