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Together Again


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I'm into some freaky shit but this weirds me out no plot disgusting and there just fucking no reason this is a fucking weird fetish

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There isn´t much of a fetish in there the guy actually turns pink in the series and they are a couple. It´s technically sort of vanilla.

Uhm.'s picture

Lars and Sadie aren't a couple. "In the series" Lars shows his distaste towards Sadie all the time...

Anyways, in no way is them fucking vanilla lul

Steven Universe nerd 's picture

accually in the later episodes lads and Sadie show that they have strong feelings towards each other.

Steven Universe nerd 's picture

Also Lars dies and Steven revies him with his healing powers which: turned his skin pink, his hair white, and gave him a pocket dimension inside his hair; which is connected to the pocket dimension inside of lion’s main

so this is vanilla

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I feel like you went so in fepth just to try ti spoil the series for the guy being an ass. I hate spoilers, but dang that was satisfying

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I wish there was more

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this is fucking weird....

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