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Turn to Dark



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Meme Man's picture

Damn , that shit good

Anonymous's picture

This is messed up

bob13222 's picture

its really good please make more

(verified)'s picture

wtf is wrong with the 3 of u!? this shit is fucked up

Dr.cockter's picture

I second that

PureLover's picture

I tripple that

Jeff's picture

I fourth that

Fapper21's picture

I agree I'm the one of the five

Anonymous's picture

That’s six

Anonymous's picture

Make that sevendinho

Anonymous's picture

Make that eight

anon eks dee's picture

Make it nine

Anonymous's picture

The ten is here 

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Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

You are right but at the end is why just why after all this isn enought wtf? :(

Anonymous's picture

We all are fucked up, because we are wqtching this

Anonymous's picture

ban the person who made this this is pretty fucked up

Hax4dayz's picture

What the fuck dude

mitchWithATinyDick's picture

not a fan of he rape  but still good 6/10

Anonymous's picture

woah, thats like, fucked up

Edgelord 2: Edge Harder's picture

As the name suggests this is pretty dark, somehow I feel it would be darker if it wasn't furry, though I do like it how it is

Anonymous's picture

Ban this is torture porn. Digesting BAN this

Anonymous's picture

Omg lol I love this




Peter Enis's picture

Damn thats wrong on so many levels

Notbad.jpeg's picture

would've been better without rapey themes but it's pretty good 

i care about things 's picture

please dont let anyone die :c

No's picture

I've jacked to some fucked shit before, but this is a bit much.


Steph's picture

No it's perfect

Rawlins 's picture

Perfect my ass

Anonymous's picture

You haven't seen snuff movies. These are the worst. If this was with humans instead of furries, it'd have been a soft snuff cartoon. But I can assure you that I've seen way way worse, some very gory.

Wth is this?!?!?!'s picture

This is fucking torture porn! You must be some sadistic fuck to make this! Who the fuck fantasizes about raping children and make them have sex with other children!?!? Who ever takes pleasure in this is a fucking monster!


Steph's picture

Chill out, its just a comic, a 10/10 comic because of the perfect combination of furry and rape. Makes me so wet I wanna eat a dick, any dicks.

Anonymous's picture

damn girl how old are you? :P

i alreddy uploaded page 17 an e hentai

verybad.jpeg's picture

alright the needle crap has really turned me off

this artist went too far! i thought this was about porn not about violence 

truely appaling material... 

Steph's picture

Hmmmm rape is awesome

Not important's picture

Excuse me but... What the fuck?

dude's picture

Now this is some next level shit.

aaron's picture

can i join the fun

Beaner's picture

i love this please keep making these 


K 's picture

This is fucked up child rape porn

Jaison Mendes's picture

I like

Rape is Good's picture

I need to change my name...

Translator's picture

Some rape is good, that's my idea.

Beeo Beep L3ttuce's picture

Chill guys its just a nature documentary.

Anonymous's picture

This is fuckt upp

Wows's picture

Hi guys Im new just joined few days ago


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