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Vanilla Wakfu



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Best comic ever!!!and best story


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Random reporter: "Excuse me sir, but if you were to rate this comic on a scale of 1-5 what would you give it?

Me: "Fuck the scale, I give this comic a 10 out of fucking 10

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I really enjoyed this. There isn't a lot of good Amelia and Yugo stuff out there

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Area's stuff is so adorable, her comics arealways so heartwarming and adorable!

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He's a child but hot tho really hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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no he is not his species ages differently they are around the same age

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da fuck you on about he is old as fuck from his species probably about a few million years old


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He Grabbed Her By The Pussy

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What speech bubbles do you use 

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I always did ship them 

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Dat Asssssss...


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Three words for you' GIVE US MORE'.


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Somebody explain? i liked it but can someone explain?

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