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Watch Where You Sleep!



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Well the story is shit but the mermaid is hot.(if you ignore the fact that she or it was actually a guy)

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You saying there's something wrong with transgendered people?

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Yes, in my opinion there is. But you can think what you want.

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Yes there is something wrong with transgendered people, thats why they are transgendered. They feel they were in the wrong body. Idiot. Also lets go change your sex against your will and see how fine

you are with it. Nice try at being PC or a troll, both you fail at like most things in your life i assume.

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What the fuck is with this weird pseudo-furry shit. These comics are hand picked by admins too....


hahahahahahahahahaha the ass hole fed up he cant screw a mermaid 

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Does that make this gay


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This is Gay Shit™


Sincerely- Gay Shit™ Certifier


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What? I didn't sign up for this weird trash! I'm out!

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The weirdest boner i ever got

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That's not a gay shit, it's rule 63

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