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Good geeting good but obvious that you made it look better

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This is getting interesting!

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good one I am waiting for more :)

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Hoping dir dat boob expansion

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Not marked for ongoing but stopped way too abruptly what’s going on 

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Havent seen a new teenage robot comic in a while. Hopwfully its good.

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So no one sees that he almost said retractable penis

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I'm pretty sure evrevery sees that.

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I saw your futanari Steven universe comic with Lars. Can u make more of that comic. More with the other outcasts. But not just like they join in and that's it. I would like a story to them all having sex and being futanari 

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DI- Ah damnit you dicks! I was gunna say that... :(

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Same but at least u were careful plus why go overboard with her lust man! What kind of person are u?

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Shit just bot real


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Heh, get it?

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Please get the fuck out of here you piece of shit

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I love you too, bub. <3

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What a bullshit

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Frie... F.. f.. DICK!

Love the Zone-Tan reference there man!

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Yes pls 


And i think Sheldon Lee is dead

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Sorry but I've had a ton of friends who I only saw as a friend who I also fucked... Don't have a baby with your fuck buddies though not... Good for anyone involved in the slightest. Being incapable of ever loving a person doesn't have anything to do with being capable of railing them.

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Wtf does this have to do with anything 

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