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Year: 20186422318659528698c5331ae8ce5a9464 (1).png

Tags: ADV, SLG, Date-Sim, Parody, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, School, Spying, Teen, RenPy

Censorship: No

Developer/Publisher: Young & Naughty

Platform: PC/Windows

Version: 0.2.3

Language: English

System requirements: OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win10, CPU: Pentium 4 2.0GHz, RAM: 512MB, VRAM: 128MB, HDD: 100MB.




In “ACADEMY34” you are going to take on a role of a cadet, who has just enrolled to the Academy, where young recruits are trained to become Overwatch agents. An exciting student life awaits you with all familiar characters, original story, lots of side quests and tons of adult content!

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Average: 4.3 (3 votes)


Guest's picture

Really good game, please finish it :)

Anonymous's picture

how do i donwload this game?


VIABNE's picture

Over the game images there is a download button at the left

Mr.C's picture

Support them on patreon to get the next update very soon

Yup's picture

Short, but good

Anonymous's picture

This is great!! Please do more!

Dreemurr's picture

There is a Patreon to impove creator`s motivation? I`d like to give some money to him

Anonymous's picture

I dont know how to move im stuck in the first room and scared plz help

Anonymous's picture

Seriously this isnt even a joke at this point im really this dumb

Anonymous's picture

Seriously though can someone please help this isnt a joke

Anonymous's picture

I just need to know how to move i cant get past first screen

Anonymous's picture

Can someone put a link to the artest in the comments I can't find Young & Naughty at all I keep getting other artist.

Anonymous's picture

Please make a verison downloadable to PC/Laptop


Anonymous's picture

That was awesome! Loved the photos, and can't wait for the next update!

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