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Brothel King

hf1paqc30b6efb6xlj1i20d5w.jpg Year: 2017
Tags: Prostitution, rape, slavery, bondage, monsters, Ren'Py, RenPy
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Goldo
Platform: PC/Windows
Version: v.0.12
Language: English
System requirements: Windows (32-bit/64-bit)
CPU Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
RAM 512 MB or more
HDD ≈ 900 МB


Brothel King is another take on Sim Brothel and gets some inspiration from other games, such as Slave maker. It's made with Ren'py, my objectives being to make a fun game with a clean UI, good art and a full back story (which isn't yet developed).​

Additional Information: 

Warning: The farm activates some more hardcore content, which can be partially disabled in the 'preferences' menu.

Average: 1.5 (2 votes)


Xterna's picture

the extraction does not work 

Can not unpack? Try WinRAR.

Anonymous's picture

unexpected archive end

Thanks for report. I reload archive. Now work.

Joel's picture

I like it

jesus's picture

i want to hate this game becouse it destroyed my save file and took away my nights worth of progress but honestly i like it alot you can tell there was alot of effort put into this game and they tried there best to make a game useing pictures and i think it worked... still only 3 starts becouse im salty about my save.

I<32write...'s picture

Are you looking for someone to write dialouge or conceptualize with about the aforementioned but nonexistent back story?

minato_san's picture

Great game...but exetremely hard to progress without cheats. Lots of bugs. But this game has high potential and I'd love to play the full version. loved the details. 5/5

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