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Mutiny!! [v.1.0 AR Patch]

lxe1md9mfws8y07ihedbdkys1.jpgYear: 2017
Tags: ADV, Ren'Py, RenPy, Puzzle, Monster Girl, Yuri, Futanari, Creampie, Anal
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Studio Lupiesoft
Platform: PC/Windows
Version: v.1.0 AR Patch
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: Athlon / Pentium 200 MHz
DirectX: 8.1
RAM: 512MB
HDD: ~ 1GB


Mutiny!! is set in a world of fantasy, both sexual and adventurous. A realm where airships can sail among the clouds as well as the sea, and they even enter the flogiston to journey to other realms. There’s treasure spread out over many these realms if you’re brave or curious enough to find it. At the bottom of the sea or within mysterious ruins, protected by curious animated guardians. The world of Mutiny!! is in every way ‘fun’, silly and sexy as you imagine!
Mutiny!! features HD erotic scenes and illustrations. The erotic content of Mutiny!! focuses on fetish themes such as: Monster girls, Futanari, and Size difference. Stay tuned to find out more!

Additional Information: 

Download includes patch "Adult Restoration Patch", which fixes bugs and removes censorship

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