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Sealed Room Breed 2



Genre: Collar/Chain/Hamper Whip/Rope/Candle Violation Sexual Training Captivity Virgin Female
Developer: Gamecolon
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Game Platform: PC
Version: 1.04
Language: Japanese


This is a game about “capturing” a school girl and taking her back to your secret room for some pleasure in varying ways,
There are quite a bit if different ways to have fun with her ranging from whips and candles to sex and masturbation.
The graphics are well done and it has multiple endings, which causes you to play over and over again to get all the endings.
Unlockables become available as you progress.
Download and enjoy the game developed by Gamecolon.

Additional Information: 

3D Animation.
7 Variable endings.
50+ varieties of H scenes and gallery mode.
Gangbang mode, blowjob, penetration mode, nipple play and other variations are available.
Different stages are available with each sexual appearance.

Average: 3.7 (11 votes)


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Where do you play this game ?

Anonymous's picture

Right under where it says download above the pictures, you click the thing that says how big the file is.

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I don't know


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How can i put the uncensor patch?

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how do i turn it to english?

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you cunt 

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